Cure time of Waterlox Original Tung Oil finishes.

Even though the recommended dry time is 24 hours, Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes completely cure in 30 - 90 days.

There are two basic steps to the drying and curing of a Waterlox Original Tung oil finish:

  1. The first step is the evaporation of the solvent "carrier" system. The evaporation of solvent usually occurs in the first 2 - 4 hours with proper cross-ventilation techniques.
  2. The second step is the curing of the solids system, which is comprised of the oil and resin. The solids system completes 95% - 98% of its cure cycle in 7 – 14 days with proper ventilation; full cure, film hardness and chemical resistance properties are achieved in 30 - 90 days with continued adequate ventilation.

As discussed above, the solvent portion of our formula is gone within 2 - 4 hours of application with proper cross-ventilation techniques. After that, any odor that remains is likely from the Tung oil itself. Tung oil is pressed from the nut of the Tung tree and is not petroleum based. Although some may notice a Tung oil odor, it is not toxic1. To help determine the source of the odor, compare the odor you’re noticing to any denomination of US paper currency. Tung oil-based inks are used to print US paper currency and the odor will resemble the odor of the solids portion of our finishes.

1Tung oil is non-toxic and food-safe, although, Tung oil is pressed from the nut of the Tung tree which would be considered a tree nut oil. If you or someone who will be living with the finish has a tree nut allergy, consider whether or not this is a factor in finishing your wood project.

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