Summer Finishing Tips

Summer Finishing Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when finishing in warm weather.

Stay out of the sun

Do not finish in direct sunlight. If you need to finish in a sunny area, try to apply your coats in the early morning or late afternoon. The sun will cause the surface of the film to dry much faster than the rest of the film which can lead to poor overall drying and a wrinkled finish.

Keep the air moving

Warmer temperatures usually mean we have windows open. While that helps with ventilation, open windows do not always mean good air flow. It is still important to have a fan blowing to keep the air moving.

Low humidity is best

The lower the humidity, the better the drying conditions. High humidity lengthens dry time because there is less free oxygen in the atmosphere. If you notice lingering odor, that is usually a sign of high humidity and the finish will need more time to dry.

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