Tung oil amount in Waterlox.

By definition, Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes are “phenolic modified Tung oil-based varnishes”. By design, our original formulas are low solids solutions (meaning high solvent percentages) engineered to offer the most desirable combination of wood penetrating and protective film build. Without revealing the exact nature of our proprietary formulas, we can disclose that the solids portion of these finishes is made up of 85% Tung oil and 15% resin, rosin and driers.

Tung oil is made from pressed seeds from the nut of the tung tree. The tung tree, indigenous to China, is named for its heart-shaped leaves because “tung” is Chinese for “heart.” Chinese merchants used tung oil in the 14th century to waterproof and protect wooden ships from the eroding powers of the sea. When applied, rich tung oil penetrates deep into the pores of the wood to provide a tough, highly water-resistant finish that never loses elasticity and does not darken with age.

Waterlox has been using tung oil as the base for its wood finishes since 1910 because Tung oil is…

  • Completely natural and renewable – comes from the nut of the tung tree
  • Time-tested – used as long ago as the 14th century to waterproof Chinese ships
  • The best penetrating drying oil available – its unique ability to wet the surface allows it to penetrate even the densest woods
  • Remains elastic – moves with wood during the changes of seasons

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