Gloss Scale of Waterlox Products

Most of the Waterlox product lines have multiple finishes available at varying levels of gloss. The four levels, in order of lowest gloss to highest, are Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss. Some product lines will contain only one option, while others may have 2, 3 or all four. The Find Your Finishing System tool will only show possible options when selecting your finishes.

Gloss is measured in Gloss Units (GU) and is basically how much light is cleanly reflected. Gloss is measured using a gloss meter, but to the standard observer, gloss would be how cleanly a surface reflects an image. The higher the gloss, the cleaner the reflection and at really low gloss, there may be little to no reflection at all. For an in-depth discussion of gloss, see the How Gloss Works article.

Waterlox Gloss Levels

When measured at a 60° angle on non-porous substrate, the gloss units of Waterlox products tend to be in the following ranges:

Matte: 5-10 GU

Satin: 30-35 GU

Semi-Gloss: 55-60 GU

Gloss: 80+ GU

Waterlox Penetrating Finishes

The TRUETONE Buff-In Tung Oil Finish and PURE Tung Oil will not build up to a film on the surface. This means that they will essentially have 0 gloss, but because they are oils, there will be some “sheen”.

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